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Things You May Not Know About Children’s Oral Health

February 8, 2022 / DENTISTRY

Parents have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. It’s up to you to raise your children to become kind, healthy, responsible adults. While there are many areas to focus on when it comes to ensuring your children are well-cared for, it’s important to remember that oral healthcare plays a significant role in your child’s overall health and development.

Here are some things you may not know about children’s oral health.

  1. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic health issues faced by North American children. This can be caused by many reasons, from genetic issues to dietary issues to improper oral hygiene care. Fortunately, tooth decay is something that can be easily treated if it’s identified early by a dental health professional like Dr. Dan Foresto and the team at your family dentist office in Windsor. This is one reason it’s so important to introduce regular dental visits into your child’s healthcare routine.
  2. You can bring your child to the dentist before their first tooth begins to show. While most dentists recommend bringing your child in for their first dental visit before their first birthday, there are situations when you should consider introducing your child to their family dentist even earlier than that. Dental problems can begin before the tooth breaks the surface, so if you’re concerned about the way your baby’s teeth are developing underneath the gumline, call our team of experts today.
  3. While your dentist has likely recommended that you use a mouth rinse or mouthwash as part of your regular oral hygiene routine, this is not something to introduce to your child until they are at least six years old. Young children tend to swallow things like mouth rinse and toothpaste and require close supervision to avoid this from happening. Also, mouth rinse contains fluoride, which is healthy for older kids and adults, but it can cause a condition cause fluorosis in developing teeth. Children over the age of six can still use mouth rinses that are specially made for children with developing teeth. Just keep an eye on them and be sure they know not to swallow the liquid.

We all know adults who neglect their oral health and fear the dentist. Introducing a thorough, home-based oral hygiene routine at an early age and teaching your little ones that seeing the dentist at least twice every year is part of their overall healthcare needs will set them up to become adults that are comfortable with regular dental visits and prioritize their oral health.

If you think it’s time to bring your child in for a dental check-up, call Dr. Dan Foresto and team today. We’ll schedule an appointment to meet you and your child and show them that dental visits are a safe and comfortable way to build good oral health and maintain it for decades to come.

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