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Intra-Oral Camera – Now You Can See What We See!

January 6, 2022 / DENTISTRY

You’ve probably heard all about the importance of seeing your family dentist in Windsor regularly. Dr. Dan Foresto and dental hygienists are specially trained to clean your teeth, assess your oral health, and work with you to treat any problems that are identified. These visits are pivotal to finding out about small issues while they are mild and easy to treat and avoid letting them progress into major dental problems that require uncomfortable and intensive treatment. Our office has invested in the most cutting-edge dental technologies available, improving our ability to recognize early signs and symptoms of common problems like tooth decay, gum disease, cracks or fissures, and the beginning signs of oral cancer.

This type of early intervention is something that our team has always done during your regular dental visits that include cleaning, scaling, polishing, and flossing your teeth, plus the x-rays we take to assess if you have any cavities or other damage that may require fillings, crowns, bridges, and other orthodontic interventions.

Like many industries, advancements in dental technology have allowed our team to improve our services both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Our office has been using the intra-oral cameras that provide both dentist and patient a detailed, close-up picture of what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth.

Intra-oral cameras are innovative dental technology tools that are inserted into the mouth to take video that helps Dr. Dan Foresto and team examine the areas of your mouth that could easily have been missed without the use of this technology. They are small, probe-shaped cameras that are easy to insert and move around, making them able to access hard-to-reach places that the human eye could not see on its own.

The process of using this camera is fast, it’s simple, and it’s completely painless. To get started, we place a clean, sterilized, small, probe-shaped camera inside your mouth. The shape of the camera makes it easy to move around in your mouth and access the areas that would be very difficult to reach using any other tool. The camera provides a close-up view of the inside of your mouth. The video and images taken can be projected onto a screen so you and your dentist can review the footage together, giving you the chance to see exactly what the dentist and hygienist see, and ask any questions you may have about what you’re looking at, or your oral health in general.

Once the footage has been collected, it is stored digitally, making it easy for your dentist to freeze the video at any time and focus in on any areas that are cause for concern. Keeping the files stored digitally also allows your dentist to use them as a reference point if problems develop later – they can always go back and compare your current images to the ones taken in the past, which can be very helpful in diagnosing problems and understanding how quickly your oral health is improving or declining.

If you’re due for a dental check-up and are ready to work with a dentist that invests in the latest technologies available, call our dental team in Windsor to set up an appointment today.

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